Photography Tips

If you are considering commissioning a portrait of your own pet, this is the most important part of the process – the better the photograph the better the portrait. Hopefully these tips will help you get the perfect photograph:

  • Take the photograph at your pets eye level – even if it means lying on the floor! This makes for a much better portrait.
  • Look for distinguishing features which makes your animal unique (like a star on a horse for example), make sure this is in the photograph.
  • Take your photographs outside if possible and without a flash. This will avoid red-eye. Get in close but not so close the animal isn’t relaxed, a zoom lens is a great help.
  • Try to get the animals attention so that they look alert. You will probably need help so that someone makes strange noises or dances around, whilst you take photographs.
  • Try to capture your pets natural expression, or how you would like them to look. Remember that I don’t know them like you do, I can’t imagine what they are really like and will draw exactly what is in the photograph.
  • Fill the frame with the pet and not the background.
  • Don’t  take the photo face on, a three-quarters view is much more interesting.
  • The best time to photo is early morning or late afternoon and in the shade.

On this page are some examples of what you are aiming for with your photographs; they are all sharp and clear plus the eyes are without red-eye.Kipper

Red IMGP1252 IMG_03013