A Portrait of your Pet from your Photograph

Cinnamonphoto A hand-drawn portrait is the perfect way to create a memorial present, a timeless piece of art to treasure in years to come. Each portrait is highly detailed and developed using a combination of layering techniques taking many hours of work. The majority of my commission work is of cats and dogs, however I accept commissions of any animal, in the past have drawn camels and even a bearded dragon!


  • Monochrome – in pencil and charcoal. Drawn on high quality, heavy weight, acid free paper.
  • Drawn without a background – ensures your pet is “centre stage” with no distractions.
  • Single subject per size option.
  • Shipped/delivered unframed – to allow you to choose a frame of your choice and keep shipping costs to a minimum.


Paper Size: 9″ x 12″ (23cm x 30cm).  Image Size approx: 6″ x 9″ (16cm x 23cm)

Suitable for:

* Head portrait of a cat including a portion of the neck/shoulder

* Head portrait of a dog.

Price: GBP 70





Paper size: 11″ x 14″ (28cm x 35cm). Image Size approx: 8″ x 11 (21cm x 28cm)

Suitable for:

* A whole body portrait of a cat.

* Head portrait of a medium to large breed of dog.

* A head portrait of a horse.

Price: GBP 90



Sizes and prices above are suitable for one animal, if you would like additional animals added, please see Portrait FAQ


1. Photograph. You will need a good clear close-up photograph of your pet. The quality of the photograph is very important – the better the photograph the more accurate the drawing.  Please visit Photography tips  for advice on how to take the perfect photograph. Please note; professional photographs must be accompanied by a copyright release from the photographer or studio.




2. Contact. Email me at a selection of photographs that you like, don’t forget to mention which is your favourite, your preferred size and location. I will then be in touch once I have analysed the photographs for suitability.

3. Progress. You will be able to view the progress of your portrait as it is created on  Instagram & Facebook . If it is a surprise for someone, please mention this when ordering and I will email you private updates.

4. Finished portrait & payment. If you are completely satisfied with the finished portrait, payment can be made cropped-hobbs-final.jpgHobbes 3and the portrait will then be shipped, or ready for collection. Debit and credit cards are accepted through Pay-Pal, UK residents can pay in cash at collection.

If you would like a drawing for a special occasion, please order well in advance, it takes at least 30 hours of work to complete even the smallest portrait. If you have left it too late, gift vouchers are available for purchase.


PET PORTRAIT FAQ – questions previous clients have asked.

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS – how to get the perfect photograph.


Cat 1 (Podge)

Podge - soldOption 1.5 


1. All work is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form without the permission of the artist.

2.The client agrees that all reference photographs provided to the artist for the creation of the commissioned portrait are free and clear of all copyrights.

3.Depending on the waiting list, a single portrait can take between 4-5 weeks to complete._DSC9636cr 2reChanning final