Below are a selection of questions that are commonly asked:

Can I have two of my pets drawn together?

I discourage doing more than one image in the same drawing as I feel the art suffers because of it. It is very difficult to get a really good composition from two separate images unless the lighting is the same and they are taken from exactly the same angle. Often, simply drawing the images together gives a disjointed look and not like a true composition. I feel it is better to portray the pets in two separate drawings, frame them the same and hang them side by side. If you really really want two pets drawn together and you think your photographs are good, please email me them and I will have a look. Please be prepared for a negative answer though, I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to art. 

Do the drawings come framed?

No they are unframed. The range of ways you can frame your drawing are numberous, it is a matter of personal taste and style so I feel best left to the individual.

Do you only do cat and dog portraits?

No, I can do any animal you would like. Have recently worked on a camel and bearded-dragon, both of which were commissions.

I live in Dorset, can I pick it up from you?

Yes certainly. 

Do you do full body portraits?

I generally don’t, I prefer to do head and shoulder portraits as it allows me to add a lot of detail to the face. If you would like a full body portrait, the overall portrait would need to be larger and that would be reflected in the price. Cats however do often look good drawn as full body portraits, especially if they are in a cute pose. They would then need to be drawn A4 size.

The photograph I have isn’t very clear, can you work from it?

If I can’t see the detail in the photograph, the artwork will definitely suffer. I don’t know the pet like you do, all I can work from is exactly what is in the photograph. I need to see clearly the markings and especially the eyes (there should be no red-eye). Please have a look at PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS  to see if you can improve the photograph, it is worth trying to get a better image.

My friends birthday is coming up soon, can I get a portrait done as a present for her in a weeks time?

Sorry I can’t work that fast, it would be better to give a pet portrait gift voucher to your friend. My ideal way of working is to complete a section, let it sit on the easel for a while (even a few days), so that I can analyse it and move on. I don’t like to rush artwork, a big part of it is studying it and “living” with it during the process.

Do you ship worldwide? Is the postage very expensive?

I can ship worldwide, the costs depends obviously on your location. If you email your address and can send you a quote.

How is the portrait shipped?

The drawing is sealed with fixative, then either rolled and placed in a tube, or flat packed between cardboard sheets for protection.

If you have a question that isn’t covered, please don’t hesitate to  CONTACT ME .