Welcome to my website, featuring hand-drawn Animal and Wildlife art. Each piece is highly detailed and developed using a combination of layering techniques taking many hours of work, I strive to try to capture the essence and character of the animals I draw.

Check out my blog “On The drawing Board” to see what is new and how a piece is created. There are also quite a few animal rescue stories on there too, as a seasoned ex-pat of over 25 years, I have lived in countries where animal welfare is severely lacking and feature some of my favourite rescues in my blog. It is extremely hard to cope with seeing the suffering on the streets on a daily basis and so frustrating to only be able to help a few, however it is the happy endings that keep me going. My journey so far has taken me to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Germany, Kuwait, Bahrain and the Philippines. I am originally from the UK, I love coming home and seeing how animals are cherished in my home country. A dose of greenery, fresh air and happy pets is good for the soul!

At the moment I am living between Dorset in the UK and Qatar in the Middle East.