Welcome to my website.

I am a British artist specialising in animal and wildlife art based between Qatar in the Middle East and Dorset in the UK .

As an animal lover, I find nothing more satisfying than trying to capture on paper an animals personality. Hand-drawn in pencil and charcoal, I love the amount of detail I can achieve with this versatile medium; I strive to show the essence and character of each animal I portray. Each piece is highly detailed and developed using a combination of layering techniques taking many hours of work. By nature I am a perfectionist, my drawings never quite reach the standard I want to achieve, which drives me to improve and develop.

I have a selection of original pieces for sale and an online merchandise store where you can purchase a large variety of products. Also my blog “On The Drawing Board”  features recently completed artwork and art in progress, a good way to see how each piece is created. Don’t be surprised to see quite a few camels featured, I have lived for a long time in the Middle East and these guys make such good models!